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Microscopy For Children

ShanghaiTech University

The use of a tabletop SEM with an optical microscope with schoolchildren will instill a sense of wonder and curiosity in schoolchildren about the natural world through scientific methods. An SEM is a type of powerful microscope that uses electrons, rather than light rays, to allow observation of features much smaller than optical microscope.

A tabletop SEM is extremely mobile consisting of only the microscope unit, a computer to control/visualize the SEM image and a small metal-sputtering instrument. It is therefore a suitable machine to take around schools in Sweden and perform observations within the classroom. Whilst not possessing the resolving power of more immobile SEMs, they are sufficiently powerful to observe features such as the hair on a flea’s back or the segments of the compound eye of a house fly or pollen of natural flowers and are much cheaper and easier to operate. An optical microscope will be brought together.

Highlights; Currently installations are going on at ChEM, SPST

Auger Microscopy

4-Dimensional Detector

In-situ Observation

High-Resolution Imaging