ShanghaiTech University, China

April 2015 onwards

Research Associate Professors

  • Alvaro Mayoral
  • Hae Sung Cho

Research Assistant Professors

  • Qun Yang

Graduate Students

  • Chengmin Li
  • Yaping Zhang

Guest Professors

KAIST, South Korea

April 2010 until February 2019

Post Doctoral Researchers

  • Keiichi Miyasaka
  • Hu Young Jeong
  • Hae Sung Jo

Doctoral Students (includes Tohoku University)

Name, PhD Thesis Title, Date of PhD defence

  • Hae Sung Cho, “Synthesis and Structural Investigation of Ordered Mesoporous MFI using Carbon templates”, 22nd Nov, 2012.
  • Shunsuke Asahina, “SEM study of nanostructure of the functional materials through developing new attachments“, 30th January, 2013, Tohoku University, Japan.

Master Students

  • KyoungMin Jung finished her Master exam on 7th Dec., 2011.
  • MinHyung Cho finished his Master in Dec 2013.

Stockholm University, Sweden

April 2003 onwards until April 2015

Post-Doctoral Employees

  • Alfonso Garcia-Bennett (2.5 years, Spain)
  • Nobuhisa Fujita (2.1 years, Japan)
  • Tadahiro Yokosawa (2.5 years, Japan)
  • Yasuhiro Sakamoto (1.5 years, Japan)
  • Zheng Liu (1.5 years, China)
  • Marie Colemont (1 year, France)
  • Isabel Izqvierdo Barba (2 years, Spain)
  • Simonetta Tumbiolo (1 year, Italy)

Guest Professors

  • Tetsu Ohsuna (2 years, Japan)
  • Jihong Yu (3 months, China)
  • Shunai Che (3 months, China)

Doctoral Students

Name, PhD Thesis Title, Date of PhD defence, Name of the Faculty Opponent

  • Karin Söderberg, “Structure and Stability of B11-xSbx and CaAl2-xZnx “, 19th September, 2005.Opponent: Prof Masaki Takata (Spring-8, RIKEN, Japan)
  • Nina Andersson, ” Mesostructured materials - synthesis development and functionality” 23rd February, 2007.Opponent: Prof Anders Palmqvist (Gothenberg Univ)
  • Kristina Lund, “Structural and Morphological Studies of Mesoporous Materials”, 2nd November, 2007.Opponent: Dr Mika Linden (Max Planck Institute)
  • Norihiro Muroyama, “Studies of inorganic crystal structures and gas adsorption process in mesoporous crystals”, 17th March, 2008.Opponent: Prof Clement Sanchez (Univ Paris)
  • Juanfang Ruan, “Development of Electron Microscopy towards Nano-structured Porous Materials”, 25th April, 2008.Opponent: Dr. James C Vartuli (Exxon Mobil, USA)
  • Keiichi Miyasaka, “A structural study into the boundary suface and associated curvature of three-dimensional mesoporous silica crystals”, 2nd June, 2008. Opponent: Prof. Reinhard Nesper (ETH)
  • Chuanbo Gao,"Formation mechanism of anionic-surfactant-templated mesoporous silica (AMS)", 6th October, 2009, Opponent: Prof. Mika Linden (Univ Ulm, Germany)
  • Lu Han, "Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Silica Mesoporous Crystals-Cationic Surfactant and Co–Structure Directing Agent System", 18th May, 2010.Opponent: Prof Viveka Alfredsson (Lund Univ)
  • Miia Klingsted, “Characterizing cavity containing materials using electron microscopy: A study of metal oxides, mesoporous crystals and porous material containing nanosized metal-particles”, 20th January, 2012. Opponent: Prof Syo Matsumura (Kyusyu Univ, Japan)
  • Changhong Xiao,“A structural investigation into the complexity of mesoporous silica crystals: From a view of curvature and micellar-interaction to quasicrystallinity”, 21st Dec 2012. Opponent: Prof Sven Lidin (Lund Univ)
  • Yanhang Ma, “Structural study of nano-structured materials: electron crystallography approaches”, 8 th June 2016. Opponent: Prof Reine Wallenberg (Lund Univ)

Tohoku University, Japan

1993 Onwards

Guest Professor

  • Shilun Qiu (6 months, Ministry of Education Japan, PR China)

Post-Doctoral Employees


  • Viveka Alfredsson (1995. 2 months, UMIST)
  • Anna Carlsson (1999, 1 year, Lund)


  • Stefan Ritsch (1996, one and a half years, ETH)


  • Jihong Yu (1997, 2year, Jilin),
  • Gaunshang Zhu (2000, 2 year, Jilin),
  • Zheng Liu (2000, one and a half years, Beijing)

Spain/ United States

  • Isabel Carretero Díaz (2002, 6 months, Fulbright fellow)

United Kingdom

  • N. Pervaiz (2001, 2 months, UMIST)

Doctoral Students on Exchange


  • Viveka Alfredsson (1993, 2 months, Lund)
  • Anna Carlsson (1996, 1 month, Lund)
  • Kristina Lund (2002, 3 months, Stockholm)

United Kingdom

  • Norren Pervaiz (1995, 3 months, UMIST)
  • R. Stephenson (2001, 2 months, Royal Institution)


  • Luisa Ruiz (1999, 3 months, Madrid),
  • Isabel Carretero Díaz (2000, 6 months, Madrid)

United States

  • Paul Wagner (1997, 5 months, CALTEC)


  • Gaunshang Zhu (1997, 6 months, Jilin)
  • Zhao Lan (1999, 15 months, Jilin)
  • Han Yu (2000, 3 months, Jilin)