Past Events

SEM Workshop II


6th – 8th July 2018

Another successful SEM school!

A program and description of the even can be found on the following page.

Download a pdf of the photos here or view the online gallery here.

Inauguration of ChEM


27th – 29th May 2018

First SEM Workshop


4th – 9th September 2017

The (hopefully) first of many SEM workshops at ShanghaiTech hosted by Osamu Terasaki (ShanghaiTech), Sam Stevens (University of Exeter) and Shunsuke Asahina (JEOL Ltd.)

Download a pdf of the photos here or view the online gallery here.

IASSF Workshop

Seoul, Korea

19th December 2016

At Zhejiang’s University (James’ Univ at Hang Zhou)

19th December 2016

Seminars in Shanghai

19th December 2016

Organised seminars in Shanghai:

Deeper strucutral heterogenecies in dynamically prepared materials – Prof. Zhijian Shen

The history and future of the Nobel prize – Sven Lidin.

Low-voltage HRSEM Installation


5th December 2016

Very recently, low-vacuum, low-voltage HRSEM was installed at ShanghaiTech, with a popular seminar, room was completely full with postdocs and PhD students.

After the seminar, more than 15 PhD students visited EM room, and Dr Asahina was explaining the instrument.

Download a pdf here or visit the online gallery here.

150 Years of Beautiful Structures and Defects


15th November 2015

"This event is truly unique for Vietnam as it brings together prominent scientists from around the world in order to celebrate the immense contributions of Professors Michael O’Keefe and Osamu Terasaki as well as to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City."

Dzung Hoang, Chairman.

Download the program here.

The Jeju Symposium

23rd April 2013

In 2013, the Jeju Symposium was planned to be held at Jeju island Korea. However It was unfortunately cancelled in the beginning of April although all speakers were ready to join.

Download the flier here.

Osamu's Retirement Symposium


1st September 2010

Symposium to Celebrate the Career of Professor Osamu Terasaki

Stockholm University

26th – 28th March 2010

"A material world: is seeing believing?"

This symposium seeks to further celebrate Osamu’s lifetime achievement as he reaches formal retirement.

Download the flier here.